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The Settlers 4: Gold Edition [patch 1516a]
[ ] 21.09.2008, 19:02

Скачать патч для игры Settlers 4 (английская версия)

This file will update all versions of Settlers IV to version 2.50.1516.

These updates to THE SETTLERS IV provide you with a range of improvements to
the game:


Multiplayer compatibility


Additional Features

- New AI names

- Score for vehicles changed to high score in the statistic. All players get a
score to compare themselves with each other. The winner will be displayed in

Enhanced balancing

- The building cost for Trojan gold smelt decreased to 3 stone 1 board.
- The damage of the Backpack Catapultist of all three levels is increased.


- It's now possible to display level 2 and level 3 warriors with the search
function, if there is no level 1 warrior on the map.


More User-Friendliness

- Now a Message will be shown if a ship was destroyed.
- All buildings of players that have lost will be switched off.

Enhanced balancing

- Start resources for low- and middle goods were modified.
- Trojan healer costs now 2 stone and 2 boards.
- Trojan gold smelt costs now 3 board and 3 stones.
- Attack Range and attack Power of the Backpackcatapultist were modified.


Additional Features

- A warning about missing donkey for cart is now available. You can disable it
in the messages menu.
- The save warning will be displayed after exactly 30 minutes and can be
disabled in the messages menu.
- If a Game name, resulting out of the playerґs name, is too long (> 31
characters) it will be shortened.

More User-Friendliness

- A warning appears if the ressources at the mines are out and the production
- The display of the amount of goods on the piles of any building has been
- The warning about missing stones, hammers and boards for the cart will only
be sent to the owner of the cart and can be switched off in the messages menu.
- The warning that there are not enough hammers, stones or boards for a cart
can be turned off in the messages menu.
- Players "save" their local slots when they click the ready button.
- If a cart is loaded to a ferry, you canґt select it over another cart -
Corrected the display of the amount of goods on the piles of any building.

Enhanced balancing

- Maximum number of settlers per player is now 2500 for 1 to 4 players and
10.000 / # of players for more.
- The transportfrequency was increased. This was changed to avoid the "coal
- The weapons smith produces the amount of weapons, according to the entered
percentage and does not "forget" what to produce anymore.
- A limitation of the healings a medic can do in a certain period of time is
- The problem with war machines and tower bowmen having different attack ranges
is fixed.
- The Trojan gold melt is working faster.
- The Start ressources for low- and middle goods were modified.
- The spells of the viking priests are modified and now they are more

Improved game stability

- General improvement of the gamestability.
- The Multiplayermode is stabilized in reference of desyncs.

Multiplayer bugfixes

- If you change the Mode on a Map, it does not override map's rules (Definition
of Teams and Players).
- The Clan name will be changed with the changing of start positions. A Player
of a clan Can not change to another clan.
- In a ladder game, all players must be human.
- Checkbox "Trojans allowed" will keep unmarked if user changes something in
the multiplayer or random map settings menu.


New features

- In multiplayer games players can now change their start position.

Improved game stability

- Higher stability on maps with manacopter.


New features

- In a resolution of 1280x1024 an observation-window is available.
. Romans can transform swamp into grassland,
. Maya can transform grassland into desert,
. Vikings can transform desert into grassland and
. Trojans can transform grassland into swamp.
Additionally, all the tribes can transform the dark land into grassland and
even the mushroom farms, dark temples and manacopter manufactures can be
destroyed by using this spell. You just turn all the surrounding dark land into
- The multiplayer menu now offers the option "random tribe". It is symbolized
by a question mark as the race icon, which will be shown at the start of every
multiplayer game and is selected by default for every joining player on maps
where no tribes are pre-edited. Of course, you can change this selection if you

More User-Friendliness

- The residences now contain a counter, telling you how many more settlers will
come out.
- The mines-symbols in the food distribution now have a symbol showing the
favorite food of each mine. With this food they will work more efficiently.
- By pressing the Ctrl-Button and right clicking on a building in the
build-menu, the next similar building will be selected with an opened
production-menu. This will speed up the access to the production-menu.
- The statistics of the produced wares has been rearranged for a better
- The weaponsmith defaults to auto-production of 50% swords and 50% bows after
being built.

Enhanced Balancing

- The transport priorities have been revised and re-arranged, so the gameplay
will be faster and more efficient.
- Now every medium residence of the Romans, Maya and Vikings will give you 25
- The damage bonus of bowmen in guardtowers has been reduced.
- Bowmen do less damage in general.
- Eyecatchers are causing more fighting power.
- For every complete set of eyecatchers you will earn an additional fighting
power bonus.
- The costs of the magic spells have been revised.

Improved game stability

- General improvement of game stability.

Additional remarks

- The program changes make it impossible to load savegames from older versions.
- Using graphic-cards with full-screen anti-aliasing or graphic-card drivers
which emulate this option, can cause colour changes and "washed-out" parts to
occur in the middle of the screen. This problem is caused by an incompatibility
of the scroll procedure used in Settlers IV and the full-screen anti-aliasing.
It is not a general mistake of Settlers IV. You can fix this by disabling the
full-screen anti-aliasing in the graphic card's driver options.
- The settlers statistic contains 2 symbols for settlers on strike. The upper
one is for the actual eco-sector and the lower one is for all your eco-sectors


- Support for clan games added.
- Hardware acceleration with NVIDIA graphics card drivers version 12.41 is now
working correctly.


- Under some circumstances it was possible the mushroom farms of the Dark Tribe
could not be destroyed - fixed.
- The number of level 1 special units that should be produeced was sometimes
accidently switched to zero - fixed.
- Soldiers stopped patroulling if you set a building place on one of their
waypoints - fixed.
- Strength of saboteur reduced by 25%.
- The Mayan blowgunfighters now work only against enemy soldiers.
- Under some circumstances donkies produced unlimited goods in combination with
a market place - fixed.
- Games crashed when you have destroyed a new settlement cart - fixed.
- Save of random maps in free settlement modus is now working correctly.
- Only new settlement carts can be attacked now, no other carts.
- "Jumping" of special units - fixed.
- Race, Team and Color is now shown correctly in the load game screen.
- There was a crash when the viking warship was selected and the the player had
more than 600 mana - fixed.
- Goods are now shown correctly at harbors and market places.
- No more music in the main menu screens, if you have not installed music to
your hard drive.
- You can now change the gamespeed: just press keys 1,2 or 3 at numpad.
- The host player now can change the race and team of an AI player by selecting
the AI's name.
- There is a new load button combining all saved campaigns.
- Sometimes there were black squares displayed over market places - fixed.
- With higher levels the blowgunfighters now will increase their chances to
- Medics will heal 15% less in all levels now.
- The axe warriors will now deal out 10% less damage.
- Building cost changes:
Big towers cost a little more ressources:
. Roamns: past = 5 stone + 5 wood now = 7 stone + 7 wood
. Maya: past = 4 stone + 6 wood now = 7 stone + 6 wood
. Vikings: past = 4 stone + 6 wood now = 6 stone + 7 wood


Look, Sound and Gameplay

- New Feature: Multiplayermaps are now playable in Singleplayer mode for
- Ships, Donkeys and Carts return to their starting position after they dropped
the goods.
- Thieves drop their goods now when they are changed back to carriers.
- Geologists will not continue to spam you with their messages until they find
a new resource type.
- The for some players annoying sound with the "Waiting for player..." message
has been changed.
- After Loading an old game the statistics about free settlers are now correct.
- Harbors and shipyards are now destroyed if a guarding tower is captured by an

Better performance on Muliplayer- and Networkgames

- New Feature: Trading - Check the new options on harbors and market places!
- You can set the amount of players which should take part on a multiplayer
- In In-Game chat messages now contain the name and the teamnumber of the
sending player.
- Load and Save of multiplayergames is now working correct via LAN and BBGC on
the internet.
- Ready-Button: Multiplayergames do only start when all players have loaded the
map and all settings are synchronized.
- At the end of a game also the loser will see the complete map without fog of
- The starting resources in multiplayergames have been increased. You now have
more shovels and hammer.
- Multiplayergames are more stable now. Even with slow modem connections you
should experience a better gameflow.

GUI and game handling

- New mouse cursors. With graphical integrated arrows it should be much easier
now to use the different mouse cursors.
- New color schema for the minimap:
- White: all own units which are selectable
- Yellow: allied units
- Red: enemy units
- Blue: Buildings and civil units
- You can now unload carts even if a target place many units.
- Easier way to load and unload ships.
- If you select a bunch of ships you will see now in the ferry context menu all
loaded units - including priests.
- In one group you can now combine a maximum of 100 units (like known from
Settlers III).

Optimized Balancing

- Computer opponent: The AI algorithms have been optimized, so the computer
will now try to reconquer lost towers.
- Bowmen in towers do a little less damage than before.
- Now all military buildings can be attacked by 2 soldiers against the
defending one.
- The fisherman now has a smaller working area but will work in the complete
area not only on a center point.
- The forester now plants tree tighter.
- Building places are now delivered with the building resources earlier.
- All eyecatchers need gold to build up.
- All used resources in eyecatchers now count three times the normal buildings.
The used gold even six times.
- The food "Fish" is now by default delivered 100% to gold mines.
- The armor of doors has been increased. It's now more difficult to destroy
- Small temples are cheaper and use no gold.
- Large temples are cheaper and add 8 mana points to your mana.
- One unit of alcohol now converts to 2 mana points for all races.
- Grain Mills and Bakeries are now working somewhat slower.


Additional multiplayer functions

Economy Mode

- Two teams play against each other for one hour. The teams try to outproduce
each other in 7 categories of goods chosen at random. The team which has
performed better in four of the seven categories is the winner

Cooperation Mode

- Several players join up to play against the computer opponent. They all join
forces in pursuit of one team objective, which can only be achieved if they all
pull together.

More User-Friendliness

- 'M' key command added to call up the mission briefing
- In Economy Mode, the briefing is displayed automatically at the start of the
- Number errors and statistical inaccuracies in the GUI removed
- Improved control and handling when unloading foundation carts
- If you don't want to see the intro video each time you start the game, you
can change 'ShowVideos = 1' to 'ShowVideos = 0' in the 'Videos.cfg' file
- No more mixing up playlists with game music: if you select the option of
listening to your own music during the game, that's exactly what you'll hear

Enhanced balancing

- Saboteurs now only have half of their original strength
- The spell "Convert Barbarians" no longer converts soldiers in Towers

Improved Game Stability

- Optimized network programming leads to more fluid multiplayer games via LAN
and Internet


- Higher stability when loading and saving saved games
- The "Find Settler" menu can now be selected via the 'F' key
- Arming ships simplified
- Enhanced group behavior when the group includes a Squad Leader


Improved graphics and animation

- Refined animation of the Blowgun Warriors' poisoned arrows
- Refined animation of the shots fired by Viking warships
- Improved graphics when steering ships into port

Improved balancing in a number of missions

- Dark Tribe's manna production increased
- The Coal Maker now needs 6 units of wood for one unit of coal

Control change for Priests

- Priests now controlled in the same way as soldiers
- Spells now cast with a right click

Improved game stability

- Crashes prevented after loading faulty saved games
- Enhanced synchronisation in multiplayer mode
- General improvement of game stability


- Now only a pickaxe required to recruit a Saboteur. A shovel is therefore no
longer required!
- As mentioned in the manual, we would like to remind users that Saboteurs
cannot be deployed on campaign maps. Additionally, the Saboteur is powerless
against the murky machinations of the Dark Tribe!
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