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Патчи к игре The Settlers: Heritage of Kings (Наследие Королей)
[ ] 21.09.2008, 18:53

Патч 1.03 Скачать
Патч 1.04 Скачать
Патч 1.05 Скачать
Патч 1.06 Скачать


Version 1.06


- Added a cool down to the Alarm button.
- Added a cool down to the Overtime button.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed incorrect "Your settlement cannot take on any more settlers!"
message in multiplayer mode.
- Fixed a bug that caused the Map Editor to crash when loading a height
or texture map.
- Fixed some minor Map Editor bugs.

Version 1.05

New Content

- With this patch, we deliver 6 new Ubi.com ladder maps.

Three maps can be played with all products:

(2) Scarred Land
(2) Solitude Isles
(4) Clash of Heroes

The following maps require the Expansion Disc:

(2) At the Gates
(2) Bandit Forrest
(4) Sabotage in the Moor


- Stability of Ubi.com multiplayer mode improved.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash ("pure virtual call").
- Fixed some minor Map Editor bugs.

Known Issues

- The "pure virtual call" bug fix may not apply if saved games from earlier
versions are loaded.

Version 1.04

Ubi.com Ladder Support

- Support for Ubi.com ladder added. You can now play 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2
ladder matches via Ubi.com.


- Stability of multiplayer mode improved.
- New Ubi.com chat command "/send" added. E.g. "/send MyFriend Hello!" sends
the message "Hello!" to the user "MyFriend".
- Command line option "-debugscript" added. When this option is specified an
error message box will be shown when a script error occurs.

Version 1.03

Bug Fixes

- A security problem with the network module is fixed.

Version 1.02


- In multiplayer mode there is now a color that indicates whether a player can
join a game or play with another player.
- After disconnecting from a game, the player does not need to log back on to
Ubi.com any more.
- The ubi.com account is used on all ubi.com in-game screens.
- Walls look better in Fog of War.

Bug Fixes

- Pilgrim's bomb is not removed by a building or his own cannon any more.
- In multiselection, Pilgrim's cannon does not cause Salim to move any more.
- The mini map always shows battle signals at the correct positions.
- The bug when selecting Pilgrim's cannon causes an excecption in certain
circumstances is fixed.
- The occasional freeze when the auto cannon loses its target does not occur
any more.
- When several heroes are selected Salim's trap does not cause a crash to
desktop any more.
- All technology tooltips are now correct.
- When using the "blessing" of the church, only the correct workers are
- Double clicking serfs near the edge of the map always selects only the
serfs displayed on the screen.

Version 1.01

Gameplay Improvements

- Improved cavalry balancing.
- You can cycle through workers without bed or farm.
- Heroes are immune to "Fear".
- Heroes' special abilities are usable when they are part of a
In the German version, the keys you need to press for this are "ö" and "ä".

General Game Improvements

- Border scrolling is disabled in "rubber band" selection mode.
- The building site animation is only active if the building is really being
- Saved games are sorted.

New Content

- With this patch, we deliver a new multiplayer map: Winter Realm. Have fun!

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug that - in rare cases - caused the game to crash when converting
serfs into militia.
- Points in "Point Game" are counted correctly in team games.
- The "rubber-band" selection will remain active when the mouse is moved over
the interface.
- Clicks on the heroes' buttons are no longer ignored.
- Dario's "Sentinel" ability no longer reacts to dead heroes.
- Soldiers affected by Dario's fear no longer chase other units without
attacking them.
- Fixed the "Screenshot function".
- Fixed a bug in the ambient sound volume control.
- Ambient sounds are no longer played indefinitely.
- Helias no longer converts dead units.
- Fixed a problem with RefreshForce.

Known Issues

- Some improvements and bug fixes do not apply if saved games from earlier
versions are loaded.
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